Wee Scallys

Situated on the top floor of Scallywags are our Wee Scallys playrooms. Catering for 18 children aged 6 weeks to 2 years are three calm and welcoming playrooms.

Wee Scallys 1 is set up for our youngest children and supports them in their earliest development. From sitting up to taking steps, our Wee Scallys staff will support you and your little one every step of the way. This room has a large black and white area full of exciting resources for your little one to explore as well as a natural sensory area and messy space for lots of creative play.

Wee Scallys 2 and 3 work together creating a larger open play space. With two rooms open for the children, they have the freedom to decide where and how they want to play. Whether it’s the messy room with space for sand, water, playdough and arty activities or the quiet room with the story corner, home corner or small world area, your little one will have lots of fun exploring with our dedicated and friendly staff.


Big Scallys

Moving downstairs at the age of two (or thereabouts), your little one will be welcomed into our Big Scallys playroom. Working with a ratio of one to five, our staff can work with up to ten children on any given day.

Providing lots of play areas and exciting activities your little one will have lots of fun exploring this busy and exciting room. In Big Scallys we encourage the children’s literacy and numeracy development with dedicated numeracy and mark-making areas as well as a large messy area, home corner, heuristic area and construction zone.

Our staff are very supportive and encouraging with the children and work alongside parents as developmental milestones are reached. From toilet training to transitioning from/to another playroom, our team are with you every step of the way providing advice and ideas to help you out.


Super Scallys

Across from Big Scallys are our two Super Scallys playrooms. With space for 17 children, Super Scallys offers a stimulating and friendly environment for your child to explore from the age of 3.

Super Scallys is separated into two rooms. The smaller room provides opportunities for the children to further develop their problem solving, early writing, phonics and numeracy skills, within areas such as construction, numeracy and literacy as well as our cosy story area where the children can take some time out to enjoy their favourite story or spend some time looking through their PLP.

Adjacent to this room is Super Scallys messy area with lots of exciting play space for your little one. Housing a large messy corner, playdough table, and snack area, this room also has a dedicated role play space where the children can bring their stories to life in the home corner, visit the moon in the space rocket and take care of each other in the hospital. Our brilliant staff team will observe and facilitate your child’s play, offering appropriate challenge and creating exciting activities from what they see.


Outdoor Play Areas

Scallywags also offers three exciting outdoor play areas for your little one to explore. Situated to the front of the building is our Eco Garden. Recently updated with astro turf and wooden planters, your little one will have lots of fun exploring our herb garden, searching for bugs in the Bug Hotel and spending time relaxing and doing yoga on the astro turf. Opposite the eco garden is our smaller play garden were all children have the opportunity to develop their gross motor skill on the climbing frame, playing on the push bikes and scooters or on the seesaw. This garden also has a construction area, a toy house, and a sand and water tray as well as a quiet zone for those wishing to relax and have some time for their selves.

To the back of the building is a larger play area for children over 2 and a half to explore. This garden has a larger climbing frame to challenge the children and allow them to asses and take part in risky play. This garden as access to similar areas to the play rooms giving the children the freedom to take part in messy play in our water and sand trays, have some quiet time in our Fairy house that has a drawing table and cosy story corner. The larger garden also has areas for children to take part in literacy and numeracy activates or even use the diggers to transport the stones and mud and make their own magic potions.


What People Say

My little boy is thriving being in Scallywags and really couldn’t ask for better standards of care from the nursery staff.

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